Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Girl With The Pink Hair (riding a beater rv)

My old lady got a sick hair cut the other day, and if I didn't know any better I might think she is attempting to be a wee bit edgy, which I am never opposed to!  She didn't get the twinsy side shave I have been invisioning on her, but she did get this!

So ya, I supposed I must match the pink myself in the next bit before we get launched.  So launch date is being pushed back to, well, when it all gets done.  Jennifer and I are both un used to manual work, and though I'm super impressed with all we have accomplished, we do not pace with thebest of them just yet!  But let's do a cap of all the amazing work we have done with our own hands in the past couple I know I usually blab a lot, but today I have a plethora of pictures for you!

The back yard lounge and fire pit we designed with palets, blankets and other items....pretty swanky!

Just a gratuitous and gorgeous ocean shot, hope you don't mind....

We refinished an old desk that was gonna go to was 80's brown...and now looks like...

Ok we did do lots of work I promise we have stuff to show for not blogging nearly as much!

We hired a plumber to install our hand wash sink in our downstairs prep kitchen.  Cost: $250.

We finally got a door mechanism which opens inside and will attach to the ceiling.  The frame even fashion by us...we are very impressed with ourselves!

Because of the shape of the rv original windows, we ended up with this awkward space to fill.  Jennifer suggested foam which we cut to shape about 4 times before we got the right fit.  Glued and stapled it in place, trimmed the over hang.  Don't punch through that area but nobody but us will ever know!

The whole time being watched by back yard Bonnie on the motorcycle I look really sexy on but have no idea how to ride as yet (it was a break up gift to myself!)....she just loves all the excitement and adventure going on!  Lots more to report about, but I gotta leave some good stuff for Jennifer.  We had our first event this past Sunday read further to hear about how amazing it went! LMAO  Oh, and for the curious minds, we are well within our budget of open a food truck with $15,000.  Costs to date, about $10,000.  It will be a squeeze, but I think we can do it within another $5,000!  We will deifnitely let you know and display all the costs involved when she is ready!
Cheers Mates,


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