Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hello friends,

So.  Jennifer took me on a surprise trip for my 30th birthday to see my favourite theatre play, Les Miserables , in Anaheim, California.  We rented a convertable, drove the coast, went whale and dolphin watching, and got to spend a few needed days alone together.  And yes, I did say, I am now 30!  Not sure how I got here, but it seems that's not an uncommon phenomenon.  Look at me being 30...

When we returned we had been robbed without forced entry.  All of our cash at home, our lap top with all of our business files, pictures from the beginning of this endeavor until now.  My writing and photography.  So much.  Of course, nothing backed up.  Two of my wallets.  My broken phone from the glove compartment of our car. 

I won't get into pointing fingers, but we have an idea of who it was.  Pursuing that won't get our things back.  So we took a rather large hit.  That, on top of numerous let downs from people and companies promised to do work for us...have got us quite a bit behind, and more than a little frustrated. 

We have decided to go ahead and do much of the finishing work ourselves including stainless steel back drops which we were waiting for an entire month for a un named company to do with numerous excuses every week.  We are not sure if we will be up for Stampede as a result.  But we are gonna work our butts off to try.  This may be a little bit of a lifeless blog.  I really am finding myself bogged down with disappointment of people.  When did it become ok in our society to give out our word with little meaning or intention behind it?  How do people cheat others?  Steal from hard working and generous people? 

I have to say I am finding myself with little belief in people and our society.  Very few good people out there.  And I find myself also slipping into a bit of introversion to journey the question, how good of a person am I actually?  Because the laws of attaction are either working very slowly, or are not in my favour. 

Ok, I promise I will write again this week and it will be up beat, and I will showcase our awesome exterior of our food truck.  I have to say it is by far the most creative design in Calgary so far.  And we have done it all ourselves! 

Have a nice day,


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