Sunday, 3 June 2012

It's all Pink and Pancakes!

As Jenny mentioned last time, yes I did get a hair cut!  It's a little different than I am used to but I love it so far.  It's actually wash and go hair now, I  haven't had that since I was a kid, plus it's pink too!  Which was partly for the business and partly because I just think it's fun!

It also goes with our brand new shirts and tank tops that we made.  What we did was take our logo and made it into a stencil, paired it with some text and voila.  A stencil to make any shirt into a cool Jane Bond style! 
Grabbed a little black spray paint and made some shirts for our event on Sunday.  Actually made them at 4:30 am that early I wanted to cry! They turned out great.  Don't you want one?

Back to our last Sunday event which unfortunately was a bit of a bust.  We started the day off really early getting ready for a pancake breakfast for the Mustard Seed cheer station at the Calgary Marathon.  The turn out was much, much, much lower than expected.  200 expected but only 30 attended.  So we have a little bit of pancake batter leftover, Lol, we'll be eating pancakes for a while!
Oh well, you never know what will happen and the rest of the day turned out much better than that.  We hit up the Lilac Festival with some friends in Jane Bond gear, yep we have gear now, and handed out over 1000 business cards.  Then grabbed some food and drinks at Original Joe's to reward ourselves.

Looking forward to getting our truck on the road!  And so thankful to all our friends who have helped us out so far, you guys Rock!  On that note it's time for me to go get ready to paint the truck today, :) Can't wait!

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